I provide the percentage of the total grist by weight for each malt used. For example, 80% 2-Row translates to 80% of the total grist by weight is 2-Row. This allows simple recipe volume scaling applying pre-calculated individual or unique brewing system efficiencies.


I provide the IBU of the hop charge, per hop variety, for each boil addition. The estimated IBU is calculated with the Tinseth formula. For example, 25 IBU Citra @60 min reads that of the total IBU estimation for the recipe, 25 IBUs will be achieved by adding the necessary weight of Citra at 60 min from the end of the boil. I do not include the weight of each charge as the IBU is dependent on the OG of the wort & the AA% of the hops (AA% changes with season harvested, producer, age of hop, hop form, etc.).


I provide the brand & strand of yeast used, pitched at the manufacturer’s recommended rate. When using dry yeast, I rehydrate using 10x the pitch weight in 20C-25C sterile water. My rehydration method is to sprinkle the dry yeast directly on the water without stirring, allow to rest for 15min, gently swirl until the yeast fully incorporates, then allow to rest an additional 15min. I pitch the resulting slurry into the chilled wort to begin fermentation.


I do not provide any water salt measurements as I don’t treat my water. I currently pull my brewing liquor straight from the cold kitchen tap and filter using a drinking water carbon cartridge.